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Kingdom Heart

Kairi by Hitomi
Sora by Ketsu Ri
Photo by :iconstudiok2:
Thx Yuin for your help

" I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power! "

" A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up... yours and mine. "
—Sora in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II

-Set after the end of KH2, Kairi and Sora have to come to grips about the impending adventure, but they have to accept the fact that they will be apart again

The End

Spirited Away

Chihiro/Sen by :iconh-i-t-o-m-i:
Haku by :iconstudiok2:

Photo by Skywalker
Thx Fairy for your helping

The whiteness of the clouds left behind by a plane
Draw a line across the blue sky
Always, no matter to where, always continuing
As if it knew tomorrow

In my chest I breathed in a shallow breath
I remember the breeze that blew on my hot cheek

The hands and feet which are bound before the future
Are freed by a quiet voice

So nostalgic that I want to scream out, is
One life, the midsummer light

At your shoulder, swaying, the sunbeams streaming through the leaves

The white ball at rest
The petals which have been scattered by the wind
The invisible river which carries both
Singing while flowing on

Secrets and lies and joy
Are the children of the gods who created this universe

The heart which is bound before the future

Someday, will remember its name

So loved that I want to scream out, is
One life, the place to return to
At my fingertips, the summer day which doesn't disappear

My cosplay in 2011.

Dear my beautiful partners who cooperation with me to make this album ♥.Happy New Year !!!EveryBody!!!

1. Honda Kiku Kimono ver
2. Honda Kiku Chinese costume ver - with Naki
3. Li Syaoran - with Kaoru
4. Honda Kiku original ver
5. Nurarihyon Rikuo Yakuza ver
6. Shusuke Fuji - with Mell
7. Okumura Rin - with Fai
8. Sora Halloween Town ver
9. Sora original ver
10. Wang Yao
11. Honda Kiku Black army ver - with FFBs
12. Nurarihyon - with Pjn
13. Honda Kiku hakama ver
14. Gakupo Kamui Konayuki ver - with Wao
15. Honda Kiku hakama ver
16. Kusuriuri
17. Alice Madness
CCS : Li Syaoran by studioK2
Asian Finalist Ketsu Ri garnered the highest number of votes in the Qualifiers. Check out more of her cosplay works below!
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1. Series : Axis Power Hetalia
Character : Wang Yao
Cosplayer's Comments : Wang Yao is a my fav char after Honda Kiku in Hetalia series .I want to cosplay him one time in my file .Hope you like it !
Wang Yao : Autumn Feelings 2 by studioK2

2. Series : Kingdom Hearts
Character : Sora
Cosplayer's Comments : "I don't need a weapon, my friends are my power!" – Sora
I'm very impressed and admired the friendship in Kingdom Hearts, especially Sora. Do you think that?
KDH II: Sora by studioK2

3. Series : Mononoke
Character : Kusuriuri (Medicine Seller)
Cosplayer's Comments : Mononoke is a collection of supernatural morality dramas. The Medicine Seller hunts spirits but only destroys them after finding out their name, their purpose and the reason that they came about; the premise being that the spirits are created by some person's bad actions in the past.
Doesn't have name, he's just called Medicine Seller (Kusuriuri), an quite interesting character. I love this anime very much so I chose him. Hope you like it .

Mononoke - Kusuriuri by studioK2

Plz come vote for me to be win the Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2011. Tell all your friends, plz i need all of your support. I will love you all for it! Just re-post this on your wall for all your friends to see and spread the word. Make sure you like Otaku House page and then vote for me for votes to actually count. Please like on both your Facebook and Google+ accounts. Ty !!! And don't forget to tweet about it. =D…
A Medicine Seller's Journey

- This photo was taken in Aki Matsuri ( Autumn festival). This a first time i cosplay Kusuriuri (Medicine Seller) in Ayakashi series.I would like to receive your comments to make better in main shoot in the next time.

- I wold like you share with you some photos about me and my friends in Aki Matsuri fes.

Opening - Let's party

I meet Danbo (from Yotsuba&!) first. He's cute X"3 :thumb255891880: ----->Then I see a man with a big sword, he point me a way lead to stage. ah~ thanks god~ Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2------->Suddenly, a chinese classical clothing man call me. Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2Oh, maybe today is a good day. I think he'll buy some medicine :D after goodbye that charm man, I continue my journey.

And I meet father of Ichigo (Bleach),...


Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2 Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2
...a crowd of Doraemons,

and here (How strange! Why I can't remember the guy has a tatoo on face always talking about "Akuma"?)

...3 beautiful Luka, Miku,...(What the hell !!!Why Miku remake a scene in Titanic with Saito!!!)
Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2 Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2:thumb255886782: Aki Matsuri - Autumn festival by studioK2

...trio Hijikata-Souji-Saitou of Shinsengumi (Hakuouki), they're so coooooooooooooool <3 Specially a very cute girl: Chikuru chan <3<3<3 I wanna hug her haha :D

...after that I meet Yui (K-on), Gino and his friend, they're quite lovely...

Finally, I see the stage with many many characters, everybody looks wonderful with their clothing.
when the sunset comes, I have to work: catch Mononoke~ bye~ See ya~ <3
:iconstudiok2: in Syaoran
Photo by my Friend

I'm join the cosplay competition on Otaku House with my Syaoran cosplay.Hope you will like this picture ^^

First you like the page of the

And then clike LIKE my pic:…

That's all ^^ Thank you so much If you guys like this could you plz send this to your friends? ^^
Last Week , I join Natsu Matsuri  - Summer Festival 2011 in Viet Nam.It's a long time , i had lived in frenzy festival like that.
Everybody were excited and happy .

I cosplay Syaoran in the morning and in the evening i cosplay Hinosuke (fictional character) in a play about Gintoki with my group .

Let's enjoy my festival…
Hi all. I'm newcomer .Nice to meet you!!!